Friday, April 27, 2012


Last Thursday I walked into Breadwinner's expecting to grab dessert with my Thursday night bible study ladies.  I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED to walk behind the curtain in the back room and see so many of my friends there to surprise me with a baby shower for Henry! I know people don't typically have a shower for their second babies (especially when it's the same gender and they are so close together) but my friend's thought Henry was special enough to deserve his own celebration.  I love surprises and secretly have always wanted for someone to throw me a surprise party, and I think a surprise shower was even a better idea! Thank you ladies for making me feel special and loved!

Other highlights from the week:
-Dinner with our newest home group friends the Garza's.  They are amazing folks and awesome wedding photographers. Check out their work. And thanks to the Leos' for watching C while we went and wearing him out at the park.
-Lunch with the ladies from home group at Company Cafe. Delicious food & great conversation!

Picture from the week:

Bible Study ladies at the Surprise Shower!


A preview of the rest of my life! :)


This Easter we headed to the desert for some fun times with Jordan's family.  We enjoyed opening day at Chase Field, swimming, hunting for eggs, and celebrating all that Christ has done!  A few of my favorite pics from the weekend....

NeNaw let me lick the pudding bowl! YUM!

 My boogers taste like about you?
 Surprise Birthday Present!!! LOVE!

 The Easter Bunny brought goodies & Grandma and Grandpa Berlage 
made wagons for all of the boys!

 Testing out the Wagon!

My first pie!
 What? Hershey Kisses?!


 Woah! Look at that Belly!

 A Southern boy in the desert!

 Sweet boy!

WOOHOO! More Candy!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Our fun week filled of playdates, parties, and baseball was interrupted on Friday at 3:30am with one very unhappy and HOT little boy! After hours of alternating Tylenol and Motrin, Charlie's fever spiked to 104.5 with the shakes and it was off to the E.R. we went. Thankfully, our friend Jesse (who is an RN at Children's) was just getting off work and was able to be there for moral support through the whole process...oh and to check my blood pressure at one point when I wasn't looking so good.

After a series of tests (including a catheter that Jordan did NOT watch and x-ray which I couldn't be there for), it was concluded that he had a slight ear infection and some type of viral infection. Praise the Lord it wasn't anything more serious! The worst part in the whole process was over an hour (combined) and 5 attempts to start an I.V. and draw blood. I was holding down a screaming, sweaty little boy while Jordan was holding back from punching someone in the face! It was no fun!

It was the first time that I really had to watch Charlie suffer. My only son....suffering. Sound familiar? The prophet Isaiah tells us that it was the Lord's will to "crush him and cause him to suffer". The Father loved his own so much that he didn't just allow, but willed for his Son to suffer so that "by his wounds we could be healed". Wow! Thank you Jesus for loving me that much!

A few pictures from the week:

Play Group at the Arboretum

Our support team - Aunt Rachel & Uncle Jesse
as we waited on the winning lotto numbers...I mean test results!

You wouldn't know he was sick here!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Melt my heart!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Last week we took our last trip as a family of 3 to Georgia for Jordan's Spring Break. It was so good to be "home" for 10 days and to spend time with the whole family! We kicked off the weekend in Athens for my cousin's wedding before heading to Augusta for a few days. On Wednesday we headed south to Valdosta (we hadn't been there in 10 months!) and stayed until Monday. I'll have to give a day by day highlight since we had so much fun!

Monday - I had the privilege of dining with the Fab Four and their daughters at French Market. I LOVE my momma's friends and their girls!
Tuesday - We got to see Henry in 3-D. He already looks like his big brother.
Wednesday - Dinner with BOTH of Jordan's grandparents, his parents, sister and our nephews. Good thing they put is in the back room of the restaurant!
Thursday - One of many days filled with playing outside with the dogs, riding the golf cart, and having fun with cousins!
Friday - Breakfast, dinner AND a high school baseball game with the Cranes! We miss them in Dallas but are so glad we get to see them in Valdosta.
Saturday - NeNaw took a few maternity pictures on the farm. Let's just say it was interesting trying to get a 15 month old to cooperate in a big open field...too much room to run!
Sunday - Dinner with the Johnsons (Jordan's parents old next door neighbors). Just like old times!

Here are a few pics from the week:

Bath Time at Nana & Papa Doc's House is the best!

There's nothing better than rocking a sweet baby! Love my nephew Nolan!

I failed to mention I turned another year older while in Georgia. Celebrations lasted throughout the week but this cake was by far the most interesting! If you haven't heard the story, my nephew Hank has graciously bestowed on me the name "Taco". It started this Christmas when he was having trouble saying "Say Say" so I told him to say "Tante" instead. "Tante" is the Dutch word for aunt and I always thought it was super cute. Well, he apparently had trouble with
"tante" as well and it came out "taco". We all thought it was such a hoot and it stuck!


Papa Doc, C Bear & Nana at my cousin's wedding in Athens