Friday, April 27, 2012


Last Thursday I walked into Breadwinner's expecting to grab dessert with my Thursday night bible study ladies.  I was COMPLETELY SHOCKED to walk behind the curtain in the back room and see so many of my friends there to surprise me with a baby shower for Henry! I know people don't typically have a shower for their second babies (especially when it's the same gender and they are so close together) but my friend's thought Henry was special enough to deserve his own celebration.  I love surprises and secretly have always wanted for someone to throw me a surprise party, and I think a surprise shower was even a better idea! Thank you ladies for making me feel special and loved!

Other highlights from the week:
-Dinner with our newest home group friends the Garza's.  They are amazing folks and awesome wedding photographers. Check out their work. And thanks to the Leos' for watching C while we went and wearing him out at the park.
-Lunch with the ladies from home group at Company Cafe. Delicious food & great conversation!

Picture from the week:

Bible Study ladies at the Surprise Shower!

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