Thursday, March 22, 2012


Last week we took our last trip as a family of 3 to Georgia for Jordan's Spring Break. It was so good to be "home" for 10 days and to spend time with the whole family! We kicked off the weekend in Athens for my cousin's wedding before heading to Augusta for a few days. On Wednesday we headed south to Valdosta (we hadn't been there in 10 months!) and stayed until Monday. I'll have to give a day by day highlight since we had so much fun!

Monday - I had the privilege of dining with the Fab Four and their daughters at French Market. I LOVE my momma's friends and their girls!
Tuesday - We got to see Henry in 3-D. He already looks like his big brother.
Wednesday - Dinner with BOTH of Jordan's grandparents, his parents, sister and our nephews. Good thing they put is in the back room of the restaurant!
Thursday - One of many days filled with playing outside with the dogs, riding the golf cart, and having fun with cousins!
Friday - Breakfast, dinner AND a high school baseball game with the Cranes! We miss them in Dallas but are so glad we get to see them in Valdosta.
Saturday - NeNaw took a few maternity pictures on the farm. Let's just say it was interesting trying to get a 15 month old to cooperate in a big open field...too much room to run!
Sunday - Dinner with the Johnsons (Jordan's parents old next door neighbors). Just like old times!

Here are a few pics from the week:

Bath Time at Nana & Papa Doc's House is the best!

There's nothing better than rocking a sweet baby! Love my nephew Nolan!

I failed to mention I turned another year older while in Georgia. Celebrations lasted throughout the week but this cake was by far the most interesting! If you haven't heard the story, my nephew Hank has graciously bestowed on me the name "Taco". It started this Christmas when he was having trouble saying "Say Say" so I told him to say "Tante" instead. "Tante" is the Dutch word for aunt and I always thought it was super cute. Well, he apparently had trouble with
"tante" as well and it came out "taco". We all thought it was such a hoot and it stuck!

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